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Company Profile: Renaissance Research LLC

With technical resources that span the globe, Renaissance Research LLC is poised to advance a series of new technology breakthroughs. Current activities focus on transportation, including aviation technology. Through our on-going efforts, we are developing faster, more efficient, and less costly alternatives to modern air transportation. These alternatives are expected to provide the next generation of high speed executive and sport aircraft. This family of aircraft would be affordable to own and operate and are designed to be flown by virtually any pilot at airliner speeds in safety and security. Our racing efforts are geared to prove the technology in the harsh environment of competition, and pave the way for commercial applications.

  Through cost effective management of resources, we are advancing at a rapid rate with minimal outside investment. Our consulting team includes many of the leading scientists and engineers in their respective fields. Outstanding results have garnered international attention, including a scientific paper presented to the international convention of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)*. One of our aerodynamic designs has been chosen by the government of Sweden to calibrate their wind tunnel through the speed of sound. Our propulsion programs are run by the leading experts in their fields in an effort to deliver efficient and reliable power at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

At Renaissance Research LLC, we strike a balance between the advancement of new ideas generated by unconventional thought, and the practicalities of production. We are not a ‘think tank’, nor an ivory tower. We seek out under-served markets and leverage proven technologies to achieve breakthrough products. Our research and racing programs are focused on risk reduction of new technologies. Combined with modern systems integration, these strategies enable new product development to be accomplished with a fraction of the investment typical to our industry. We work hard to accomplish our goals and objectives, often moving our projects forward above spec and under budget.

Our motto is simple: We are the Can Do Crew.

*AIAA 2000-4344 presented August, 2000, in Denver, Colorado

Sam Bousfield: Founder, Renaissance Research LLC

A native of California, Mr. Bousfield earned a Bachelor of Science with Honors from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, in 1979. Post-graduates studies include marketing and business management. With over 20 years experience within the engineering and architecture fields, Mr. Bousfield brings a blend of fine engineering and aesthetic sense to his projects. An architect is likened as a trained problem-solver. Other architects, such as Buckminster Fuller, have expanded their creativity and problem-solving skills to generate ideas and products beyond the traditional scope of their field. While currently owning and operating two private businesses, Mr. Bousfield joins the ranks of these distinguished gentlemen, and continues to expand his generation of innovative technologies.

Founder’s Vision Statement

I feel it important to introduce technology to assist Man in his endeavors to change his environment, and yet do so in such a way as to promote a future for this planet. While our society has become almost fixated upon the ‘latest and greatest’, there is a higher level of creativity that can be reached. That higher level creates technology that promotes better living 100 years from now, as well as today.

From aircraft programs that reduce fuel consumption by as much as 75%, to next generation commuter systems, Renaissance Research LLC provides workable technology that surpasses the performance of what is considered "cutting edge", while reducing negative impacts on the environment.

Creating this future demands clarity of thought, a worthwhile goal, strong intention to carry through, and, supporting all, the idea that one can do something about it. I feel that our work at Renaissance Research embraces these demands, and pushes the limits of each individual’s capabilities.

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